What Does A Web Hosting Company Do For My Business

What Is Web Hosting?

It comes up all the time.

First off I plan to explain this so everyone no matter how internet savvy you are can understand.


Web Hosting provides two main functions at the bare minimum.

The first is to “host” your data on their server <—– this is where clients access your website.  

And second is to provide bandwidth so those users can access your website data. 

Think of your website as a house and your hosting is a piece of land you have your house sit on.  All hosts have different advantages and disadvantages.

What your web host is not required to do.  

  • Update your sites core files. Like WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Upload your new content to your website, images and such
  • Fix your old flash website
  • Make your website mobile responsive
  • Speed up your website due to poor coding practices.

If you looking to do any of the things above you need to hire a web master or make an agreement with your web developer for a price for ad-hoc or monthly changes.


There are a bunch of different kinds of web hosting and for someone looking to create their first website, it can be a very confusing task to pick exactly what kind of hosting that you need.  Below we will go over the 3 types of basic hosting.

1. Shared Hosting

This is the least expensive hosting your can buy, and depending on who is hosting your site, shared web hosting can run anywhere from $1 a month to $50 a month depending on the features you have.  Most shared hosting will include access to cPanel which makes it easy to manage all parts of your website. If you’re not a web designer or are planning on hiring a website designer he/she will probably want access to cPanel to make things easier to use.  Shared hosting is great for a start up business that is not getting a lot of traffic.  Misson critical websites should never use shared hosting as you are sharing the resources on a server with hundreds of other websites.

2. VPS Hosting – 

Vps hosting is the next step up. Instead of sharing all the resources on the server such a RAM and processing power, a VPS server is a server that is divided up into smaller servers. You always have a dedicated amount of resources and you don’t share them with anyone else. VPS servers come managed or unmanaged. Which only means that if you are having technical difficulties with things like e mail, database errors, errors installing WordPress etc, you should get a fully managed VPS server. A VPS server usually doesn’t come with a cPanel license and you can usually just at the web hosting company to provide you with a license or you can buy one at a site like buycpanel.com

The cost of VPS Hosting depends on how much ram, bandwidth, and drive space you need.  We have seen VPS servers range anywhere from $10 to $150 depending on the specs.

3. Dedicated Server Hosting –

Dedicated server hosting is about as high as you can get. You lease a whole entire piece of hardware dedicated only to you and your mission critical application or website. You have all the CPU Ram and Drive space you need any this machine runs only for you.  Sites like Facebook Instagram Twitter and Amazon have 1,000’s of servers that serve all sorts of different data and applications to their visitors.  If your hosting data for a hospital, school, e commerce site, or something else that is very important it’s best to get a dedicated server and have someone manage it.

Dedicated servers range from $79 to $4,000 depending on the specifications.


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