5 Tips To Be Successful With ClickFunnels

How To Be Successful With ClickFunnels

It’s pretty amazing, Russel Brunson the CEO of ClickFunnels has created an amazing system and a very scary one at the same time. ClickFunnels is a marketing automation software company that allows businesses to create a very specific step by step sales process, has totally disrupted the website industry as we know it in just two years.

ClickFunnels has created a massive affiliate program that trains people how to build funnels and make income online and even has a free 100-day boot camp which shows people how to make over $3,000 a month in recurring income just by promoting Clickfunnels. They even have a program where they will give you a $500 car allowance if you get so many subscribers on their sales funnel software platform.

Why ClickFunnels is becoming a problem for marketing agencies.

This poses a problem for professional digital marketing agencies, and people that have been doing this for years before ClickFunnels was around.

The reason this poses a problem is that there are people learning to build sales funnels in ClickFunnels that really are not effective at building them, writing copy, and running ads to them in order to generate leads and sales.

There are a lot of things that go into creating an effective sales funnel for a business, and this is not just something you can learn overnight.

ClickFunnels is a perpetual disaster for the internet marketing community as a whole.  We now have 1,000’s of “Funnel Hackers” or “Funnel Builders” running around telling people they can build ClickFunnels and many of them do not have a clue what they are doing.

Here is the truth. While some people are very capable of building out effective sales funnels the truth is 99% of the people that sign up for Clickfunnels never make a dime.

This is primarily due to the fact that they don’t work with someone or an agency that is well versed in all aspects of digital marketing.

You should make sure the person you hire has these areas well covered.
Email marketing,
Facebook ads,
Adwords (PPC),

You also need to have your funnel and steps leading into and out of your Clickfunnel completely mapped out.

Mapping out the customer journey that someone takes when they first interact with your business and how you will take them up your value ladder are a key element to success.

The truth is professional digital marketing companies have been building out funnels for years without the use of funnel building software solutions like ClickFunnels.

Here are 5 things you need to know about effectively launching a ClickFunnels campaign.

5 Tips To Make Money With ClickFunnels


Successful Clickfunnels marketing campaigns require you to send traffic to your funnel.

This traffic can be generated via a combination of the following; social media advertising, email outreach, Google ads,  affiliate offers, youtube videos, and blog posting.

The most successful funnels rely on paid traffic sources. Capturing that visitors information via a contact from now means that you own that traffic, and you can continue to market to them in the future. ClickFunnels allows you to create highly target lead-capture pages, that help you grow your list, which is the number one thing that people skip over, and the number one likely reason their campaign fails.


Creating a clear strategy is imperative to the creation of any successful sales funnel. Make sure you have an end goal in mind.

Whether that is to have someone sign up for your $25,000 mastermind or join your fitness club. Making sure you have an end goal is the first step in building out the roadmap or customer journey that a visitor takes.  Some roadmaps are longer than others.

Typically we see that with high ticket products and courses you need to educate your prospective customer before you try to get them to opt-in to your offer.

Even after you have educated your customer it may take weeks or months to get them to opt-in.

So following up with the frequently via Email, Chatbots, and Ad Retargeting are all effective strategies to get someone to come back to you and buy your product.

Follow Up Sequences –

Utilizing the correct email sequence can allow you to take someone that may have forgotten about your offer and turn them into a customer.

Even better, by the use of follow up emails, you can send current customers up your value ladder very easily.

Learning how to create amazing email copy is an art and a very serious business.

If you are not experienced in writing email sequences we recommend doing some extensive research on email copywriting. You could also hire someone that fully understands your business and copywriting to craft your emails for you.

This person or company should be able to create email copy that gets your subscribers to open your emails, read your content, and take action on your offer.

Affiliate Offers –

If you are promoting your course, program, or product on Clickfunnels, creating an affiliate offer is a great way to let other people do the work for you.

Connecting with other people that have a following in your space, such as popular YouTubers or bloggers is a great way for you to tap into someone’s audience with virtually no ad-spend.

If you happen to create your course inside of Clickfunnels via their membership area you will need the Etision Suite to create an affiliate program. However, there are alternative solutions that provide a better membership/course experience at a much lower cost.

We have used click funnels as a Squeeze Page (landing page) in order to capture email sign-ups and then redirected those subscribers to a course on a different platform called Thinkific.

Thinkific has an affiliate program built into their $99 a month package that allows you to set a commision percentage on each of your products.

Upsells & Value Ladder –

You need to build your value ladder and upsell your current client into the bigger steps of your ladder.

For example, if you are a gym owner, your value ladder may look like this.

Free Gym Trial —> Gym Membership Purchase —> Personal Training

or maybe you are building out a coaching program and your value ladder looks like this

Free PDF Download (capture email) —> Free Webinar —-> Coaching Program ($$$) —->  Private Coaching ($$$) —> Seminar ($$$) —-> Mastermind Group ($$$)

Reaching out to upsell your current customers is easier than acquiring new customers so focus on the current client base you have.

After you have successfully taken them up your value ladder, then work on adding more people to your pool.


Is ClickFunnels right for your business.

Every business should have some sort of sales funnel. However, should Clickfunnels be used for your entire website?

The answer depends on what business you are in.

Most likely, you should just use Clickfunnels as a gateway to drive leads. This tends to be the best option if you are a local business.

Want Some Free Funnels.

We have built out some free sales funnels that you can try out for your business. These are real funnels that work for our clients. And you can test them out and see how they perform for you. All of our free funnels come with a 2 week trial to Clickfunnels.

Keep in mind that you should know how to run Paid traffic to your funnel page.

Best Traffic Resource

One of the best resources out there is Facebook Ads. With Facebook ads, you are able to target the exact person you are looking for based on demographics. You can also target purchase behaviour and a variety of other factors.  Here is a list of all the things you can target with Facebook ads.

If you want to learn how to run Facebook Ads effectively we recommend taking this course by Maxwell Finn

This is the most comprehensive Facebook Ad course on the market. And has been reviewed by some biggest names in marketing like Pat Flynn and Kevin Harrington.





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