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How Valuable A First Page Google Ranking Is

95% Of Google Searches Never Go Past Page 1

The world is changing and with a dynamic world comes a dynamic business environment. Gone are the days when advertising was depended on as the key marketing strategy for businesses. Forget the yellow pages and tons of expenditure on advertising. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the new advertising. Granted, there is still a large number that spends thousands monthly on advertising. You would agree with me that this type of investment has fast become useless. People have shifted from the Yellow Pages to computers and smartphones.

Time has come when every business needs a top Google ranking. It is almost as if your business is at a higher risk of failing if it is not ranking top in Google. It really does not matter what type of business you run; ranking at the top of Google remains essential. I have witnessed both small and large businesses cash in on the benefits of SEO.

From lawn care services to personal injury attorneys settling seven-figure cases, SEO is helping businesses flourish by multiplying the number of clients. My point is that every business owner intent on acquiring more business needs to explore his/her SEO options. With an SEO experience such as mine, why not let me drive traffic to your business?

The need for an SEO expert

Many people do not understand the value of SEO and the few that do are sometimes misguided into thinking they can do it in-house. This is a laughable mistake as SEO is not a constant phenomenon. It is one that is always changing. Such an environment can only be handled by someone who is well versed with SEO; an expert. SEO is a type of marketing that calls for years of experience with Google and other such engines. There is Yahoo, and then there’s Bing, but Google controls 80% of internet traffic.

Dominating on Google is therefore key.

Companies that have attempted to undertake it on their own know that it is an uphill task. This is because the goal of SEO is not only to achieve ranking in Google but also to maintain this ranking for years. This is difficult because Google rolls out new algorithms almost monthly. You may, therefore, get smashed and even attract a penalty if you don’t understand SEO. Also, SEO takes time particularly for new websites; therefore I always advise clients on what to expect as per competition and the market.

Did you know that 95% of people don’t go past the first page? That’s right…. there used to be a day when you could have a website and because not alot of businesses had them you would rank and get clients no matter how crappy your html website was. Those days are long gone. If you want to rank in google you better be able to make the search engines

What we do

As I said, I will conduct some research for your business then prepare a video presentation. This free presentation will touch on such areas as competition analysis, pricing, keyword research and a number of my customers who are doing well courtesy of SEO. We will then determine the keywords that count and use these to rank your website in Google. These keywords will then generate you income for a long time.

What sets us apart?

We pride ourselves on being different. The following have set us apart from the rest:
•I don’t require any contracts for our clients. Almost every SEO company there wants to tie you to them with an annual contract. We let you decide whether or not to stay with us. Why wouldn’t you when all we will do is help you make more money.

•Our primary focus is long term rankings. This implies long term results for our clients. Our bottom line is ensuring you get the most out of your investment. It is for this reason that most of my clients have topped Google ranking for ages.

•Our pricing is based on how strongly your market competes and the amount of work it requires to put you at that level. For this, I will research and give you a video presentation of exactly what your business requires.

Why you should choose us

Choosing an SEO company is difficult. You need one whose services are better than the rest. The kind of traffic we will help you generate is unmatched. Imagine attracting hundreds of new visitors to your website on a daily basis. That kind of traffic is bound to have a huge impact on your business. It helps to remember that today most people search for businesses on Google and if yours is missing, these clients will be snatched by your competitors. Imagine what your company loses every month that it is not ranked on Google.

The bottom line

We provide the best professional SEO services in New Orleans and perhaps Louisiana as a whole. We have completely turned around many businesses through top Google ranking. You can visit our page today for client testimonials. Questions may also be directed to us through the “contact us’ page. Call us today for an SEO experience like no other.