Remarketing with Facebook Pixels and Google Adwords

What Is Remarketing

I’m sure you have noticed that you visited a website recently then you see ads from that website following you around the internet and social media?  This is retargeting in its simplest form.

And this is how it works. You visit a website which included a remarketing pixel.  This cookie is now following you all over the internet and trying to remarket you that websites products or services.

Why? On average it takes us 7 encounters to make a purchasing decision.  This is why traditional print advertising campaigns work, but take for ever.

What does this mean for you? It means you can get really strategic with your marketing. And if you don’t get on board you can be sure your competition will, and you will get left in the dust.

What Can I Do About It?

Create a Facebook pixel and install it in the header of your website.

Turn on remarketing tags

Pay attention to your conversion rates for your remarketing segments.

What if I’m not getting any traffic to my website.

A great way to send traffic to your website is to create blog post content. And send traffic to those pages via Facebook. By boosting posts with article links to target audiences you can get the visitor to come to your website. After they have landed there you can re market to them with both google and facebook.


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