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Tails Of The Cocktail

Event Website Design – Tales of The Cocktail

Does your event need a website to sell tickets, and provide information?

The expert team at Boyce Creative has mastered event website design and can quickly and efficiently put together a website for your event.

We need about 1-2 months notice depending on how big of a site you are wanting.


Website Features:

  • Online Ticket Printing
  • Tickets with QR Codes
  • Live Chat
  • Blog
  • Mega Menu
  • Mobile Responsive


What You Need To Know About Event Website Design

Before you dive deep into even website design. You need to carefully think about what features you will need in your website. Sure it can be basic. But with there are some things to consider if you want these rich features in your website

Event Website Design Features


Advanced Ticketing w/ seating areas

Seating Map

Upsell Products, Shirts etc

Email reminders

SMS reminders

QR code checkin,

Barcode Scanner

Live Chat

The list goes on… but those are the main focus points of a event based website.

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