Why Your PPC Campaign Fails

#1  Reason PPC Campaigns Fail (And How To Avoid IT !)


Are you are wondering why your paid ad campaign are not preforming as well as you would like?

Chances are you are making the same mistake that 63% of businesses make.


Mistake #1

You’re sending traffic to your homepage. Stop It. Now!


Well, you might not want to ditch your website completely but you sure don’t need to be sending any paid traffic directly to your homepage of your website anymore ever.

More on exactly why in a second keep reading.

When someone pays to come to your website you need to take something from them. You need to capture a lead, grab an email address, or get them to sign up for your offer. Letting your user browse around aimlessly does not do anything for your business. This is the process of taking traffic your control and making it become traffic you own. Having someone’s email address makes you 100% more likely to be successful than if they just leave your website without giving you any information.


There is a reason that bigger companies create hundreds of different targeted landing pages that don’t let you do anything but sign up for their services or fill out a lead form.

Take 1800-Ask-Gary for instance. If you go to their website 1800askgary dot com ( I refuse to give them a back link) they have a full website. But if you type in personal injury attorney into google, you can be sure that their ad comes up followed by the city name.

You clicked on their ad and just cost them money, so they are going to force you to fill out a quote by only giving you the relevant information you are seeking on that topic, and a call to action to get you to sign up.

This is the page they send you to. Notice that it doesn’t have a menu bar or anything else on the page.

This is called a landing page and it’s also a funnel.

Now Comes The Question What Is A Funnel

First:  Lets answer what a website is.

To someone searching for a specific piece of information, a website is much like the car in the wreck featured in the picture above. There is a lot of traffic going by the “car” or “website”, but no one really knows whats happening.

They take a look, try to figure out what is going on, but it’s busy, they might snap a picture, and then it’s all forgotten about by the time they get home. There is no clear direction on most websites and even if there is, 99% of all websites have many different roads to travel down, getting lost is inevitable.

Now the landing page, think of the landing page as a golden book in a dusty library.

Picture this: You’re searching for information in a library (the internet) where most of the books (websites) are unclear as to which path it would have you take.

The landing page says ” Here I am, here is exactly the information you’re looking for. Now give me your email address or some other useful information.

Well, designed landing pages will have amazing copy written for them, and will be targeted with a title of exactly what the user typed in the search engine to find that page. The landing page will press on your “pains” and then offer a solution.

I’ve been talking about landing pages a lot now let’s get to the topic of this discussion.

What is a funnel:

We to sum it all up for you, a funnel starts with a landing page.

That should explain the brief history lesson above

We already know that a landing page gives information in hopes to capture an email address or some other form of useful, personal data, but here is where you figure out if you’re dealing with a nice “landing page” or a “funnel”

A funnel will take your email put it on a targeted mailing list, grab your name and call you by it inside of a targeted email campaign which can sometimes seem like junk.

But here’s the kicker: Funnels really work, and they are everywhere. Below is a list of companies that use funnels, some of these funnels are so slick you would have never known you were dealing with one.

  • Dollar Shave Club
  • Dollar Beard Club
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Donald Trump
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Groupon
  • Amazon

I’m going to stop there, tens of thousands of companies have sales funnels. I’ve listed some heavy hitters above.


Local Business? You’re In Luck

For local service-related businesses such as doctors, CPA, Restaurants, plumbers, electricians, fishing guides, and just about anything else you can think of the sales funnel is a great way to totally crush the competition, and skyrocket your businesses to the next level.

More Good News

While the companies I stated above may have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their sales funnels you don’t have to.


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