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NOLA Entrepreneurs Guide To Marketing Your Business Online

New Orleans Online Marketing Guide To Websites and Social Media

When you’re trying to stay ahead of the competition in New Orleans one thing comes to mind. Online Marketing.  

Fact: 75% of the small businesses in New Orleans don’t use online marketing as an avenue to drive traffic and sales. This is shocking! Use this opportunity to get ahead of your competiton.


1. Get a nice custom New Orleans website design.

Get a nice custom website. – A beautiful website doesn’t have to break the bank but having a good call to action or CTA, and design is important to converting traffic when coming to your website.

Anyone can make a website with a page builder, but letting a professional do this will be well worth your investment.

Make sure your web developer you choose strong business acumen so that way your new website is created in a way it will convert the traffic that you send it.

This traffic could be organic traffic, social media traffic, or Pay per click traffic.   We will get into a little more about these avenues to generate traffic to your website later and exactly how to do it.

2 Facebook Business Page –

facebook management companyMake sure you have a Facebook business page set up. If you’re looking to create your Facebook business page you can do so by clicking here. 

After your Facebook page is created it you will need to keep it updated yourself or hire a New Orleans Social Media Management Company,

3. Google My Business Set Up.

Google SEO Number 1 New OrleansGet Started With Google My Business

If you’re a local business in New Orleans you will need to make sure you have a chance to get your listed approved by google and listed on google maps. This allows people searching for your type of business to find you easier, call your location and even map directions, and view your website. If you’re searching on google you will see the map pack which usually has 3 or 4 business listed along with a see more tab. Just creating a google business listing won’t necessarily put you in the 3 pack of the maps section but not having one will most certainly exclude you from getting listed.

4. Create an Instagram –

social media marketing new orleansCreate an Instagram Account Here 

Engaging your target clients on Instagram is a great way to attract new business. Learn to use hashtags, and even create your own catchy hash tag that you use in all of your Instagram posts.


5. Create a Twitter Business Page-

Create A business twitter now click here

Although Twitter doesn’t have as many users as Facebook you want to make sure that you have a twitter account set up for your business. You can go to and create an account there.

Learn more about twitter advertising click here.

6. Claim Your Yelp Listing –

Yelp Seo new OrleansCreate a Yelp account click here

Even tho I really don’t like what Yelp does for businesses if you have great customers service as you should, it’s New Orleans, C’mon.  Creating a yelp page allows you to showcase your reviews on a third party website. After all, everyone knows you’re going to talk good about yourself. When other people talk good about your business it makes all the difference when it comes to purchasing decisions.

7. Create an Email list and Start A Newsletter.

email marketing New OrleansGet started with mail chimp click here.

There are many email list services such as MailChimp and aWebber, that you can use in order to keep connected with your targeted audience. Sending out a monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your audience engaged and these two platforms do it so well. Make sure to embed a signup form on your website and also connect it to your Facebook account.

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8. Advertise in your local New Orleans Facebook groups.

We don’t recommend being spammy but the occasional post in a Facebook group that links to your website and drops a phone number will go miles for connecting with people in and around your neighborhood. If your services are sought after by all of New Orleans feel free to join all the community groups. Be nice and introduce yourself.

9. Create Quality Content that engages locals and visitors-

How To Create Engaging Online Content.

The age old saying content is king is really true. No one wants to be sold something so creating great engaging blog posts and article on your website will go miles with your target audience. Promoting these posts on social media will send the traffic right to your page. And that’s where you include your offer, maybe somewhere in the post/page or even on a widget sidebar.  make sure your offer is targeted to the audience that will be reading the page for the highest conversion rate possible.

If you looking for a great book on how to create engaging evergreen content check out this book

10. Give wi-fi out for free with no password.

social media manager new orleansFacebook allows you to configure certain routers to allow access to wifi, but only if they like your facebook page. This ensures that the people that are liking your page are at your business, and it also checks them into your business. This displays on the user’s timeline for all of their friends to see so getting a router that allows this service can do wonders for engagement.

11. Create Events On Facebook and Your Website

social media marketing new orleansCreating an event on Facebook is a great way to attract people to come inside and visit your business. Make sure to update your business cover photo to also advertise your upcoming event.


12. Advertise on Facebook with retargeting.

new orleans facebook retargetingMake sure to install a Facebook pixel on your website that way you can retarget the visitors that come to your website. By doing this the ads you create in Facebook will follow previous website visitors around. You can get really specific as to what ads follow which visitors as well. If you don’t want to do this yourself because you don’t’ have enough time or it seems too complicated get a quote on social media advertising.

13. Website and Social on Print Ads.

new orleans social media marketingYou are now advertising online so you need to make sure to eventually put your website address as well as all of your social icons on your business cards and any other print materials.  This is easy to do as we have provided an example below.


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