These Six Easy Things Will Save Your Shopify Store And Your Wallet!

The Most Overlooked Things When Building An eCommerce Shopify Store.


Most people think that the most important thing in e commerce is getting sales. WRONG!

The most important thing in e commerce is getting customers… AND KEEPING THEM!

To do this you need to establish a BRAND!

In this post we will go over some simple things that you may have overlooked when building your online store.

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How to get your first eCommerce sale.


And I see a lot of people struggling with ad’s, when it’s not really the ads that are the problem. It’s there store. The web store either doesn’t give enough information, or just isn’t trusted.

Trust is the biggest factor in getting checkouts for your eCommerce store. Trust comes before people wanting free and fast shipping. And even before how good your prices are.  These things are all very important, but you will get very little sales if you don’t have trust. Below I’ve listed some things you can do in order to gain your customers trust for your online store.

eCommerce Trust Factors

When building a e commerce store ask yourself what you look for when you shop. It may have never occurred to you what you really look for, but at the end of the day. You want to trust the person you are buying from.

1. Get A Professional Logo Is The Most Important Thing For Your eCommerce Store.

A professional logo establishes trust. Period!  You need a PROFESSIONAL so keep reading. 

 As and eCommerce branding company you wouldn’t believe the amount of people we see open e-commerce stores on Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, and don’t have a professional logo.

Sometimes we even see online stores that don’t have a logo at all. Rookie mistake! Big time!

This is a big no no. It shows that you don’t really have a brand, and even if you are making sales. It’s a bad way to build a long term business.

Getting a logo designed doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are on a budget check out fiverr, we suggest hiring a few people at the same time so you can get a feel for some different logos before making a decision.

Remember a $5 logo is better than just having your store name in text at the top of your page.

How do I know if my logo is good?

If you can look at a logo, and understand what the company sells without looking at anything else, you’re on the right track.

Color scheme, size, and tag line are other important things to keep in consideration when getting a logo designed, but if you are just starting out in e commerce just get a logo.

What does a logo cost?

Logos can range from $5-$50,000 depending on how many people are involved in the process. For a start up e commerce store we recommend getting a few logos.  Here are a list of sources for getting logos.

Who can design my logo?

Obviously we can!  The Boyce Creative team can design a custom logo for your e commerce store, that screams everything your brand is trying to portray to your customer.  Click here to request a logo. Best Logo Designer

But if you don’t want to go with us we understand. Here are some other options incase you think we are not a good fit.

Fiverr – Fiverr is a site where you can get virtually anything done, starting at $5. Get a logo on fiverr click here.  – We won’t lie. Occasionally we will use 99 designs for a logo, instead of our in house design team.  It doesn’t mean we are lazy. We oversee all of the submission rounds and work with our clients in helping them select a logo that is perfect for their e commerce store.  Get started with 99Designs click here

What file formats do I need to get from my designer.

This is a great question. You will most likely need your logo in all shapes and sizes. Make sure that your get a raw copy of the vector file.

A Vector File  allows your to make the image (logo) as big as you want it without diminishing the quality and making it look grainy or pixelated.


What sizes do I need my logo to be for my website?

Thumbnail icon 16px X 16px A thumbnail is the little icon at the top of your browser in the tab. 

Retina Logo – Check your website theme specifications for this size as it can vary. If you don’t know how to do this the person that designed your website or that is designing your website will have the answer for you.

What sizes do I need my logo to be for Facebook?

Facebook Business Profile Image Size – In order to upload your logo to your facebook business page, your logo for facebook will need to be at least 180 x 180 pixels. 

Warning: Your profile image will be seen around facebook by other people at 90 x 90 pixels. Make sure it looks good at this size

Facebook Cover Photo Image Size –  The optimal size for a Facebook Cover Image is 851 x 315

We find that we get more crisp images on cover photos when we double facebooks recommend size to 1702 x 630 Pixels. 

We recommend using something other than just your logo as your cover photo. ( it’s a pretty valuable piece of real estate)

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