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The Best 8 Ways To Market Your Law Firm or Private Attorney Practice

1. Create A Click Funnel

One of the most overlooked marketing tactic in the industry today is the funnel,  funnels are a great way to get your clients to do exactly what you want to do. If you have ever heard of Dollar Shave Club, That million dollar company was launched off one awesome funnel and a viral video.  So was dollar beard club, as well as Hillary Clinton and Donald trumps campaign. Let me ask you have you even been to a page where the only thing you can do is sign up for a product, register for a webinar, or fill out a contact form. That’s a funnel, one call to action that funnels into another. Whether that signs up for a free e book, watch a webinar, get a free quote,  or request a consultation funnels really work.

If you don’t know what funnel pages are I must say I’ll have to write a whole post on it later, however, I’ll embed this video so you can get the basic concept of how they work.

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Here is an example of a click funnel.

Lawyer Click Funnels

You don’t need to sell specific services on your website creating a good click funnel while providing value or creating anticipation is a great way to get your clients to give you their information.

2. Billboards… Maybe Not Just Yet

I want to cover one thing here before we get started and that is billboard advertising

Billboards –   Billboards while very effective are expensive and it’s more of a branding thing. Yes, it catches on but it takes years to work.

Make sure your online marketing strategy is 100% before you move on to print ads.

Also if you’re running billboards, be sure to use some type of call tracking software like, this lets you know exactly which billboard your calls are coming from and what billboards are effective and even can score your calls and record them for you.

Print advertising is still effective and works but it’s more for branding like I said earlier. Now let’s look at some other avenues, the ones that really work and work well.

While billboard marketing still works… and you can download some amazing billboard and street advertising templates here as well as some other great print materials here this post is more focused on the digital marketing aspect.

Here are some good examples of billboards if you decide to use them.

Lawyer Billboard Template

Attorney Billboard Template Bus stop

Download This Template Click The Picture Above

3. Don’t Be The Best, Sell Value

All too often we see advertisements and business cards from attornies and law firms that display the services they offer. And don’t touch on what actually benefits the customer.  Everyone in the industry offers the same service on paper. So it really all comes down to value.  And that’s what you need to provide to gain a competitive edge in your market.

Here is whats not to do on your website, business card or billboard. 

Law Offices Of Attorney Mac

  • DUI’s
  • Drug Cases
  • Traffic
  • Sex Crimes

Call 555-867-5309

Here is what you should do. 

Law Offices Of Attorney Mac

Making The Judge Take Your Side Time After Time.

  • Trusted And Reliable 100’s of cases won at trial 
  • Always Updated, We let you know everything.
  • We Fight Harder Than Anyone Else.
  • DUI’s, Drug Cases, Traffic, Sex Crimes

If you want to download some amazing business card templates you can get them here.

If you push on the pain points instead of just listing your services you will catch the readers attention and connect with them on a more personal level.

Do this in everything you do, your print ads, your website, your commercials, and billboards. Embed this principle in your whole law firm and skyrocket to the top of the ladder.

4. Get A Prestigious and Professional Legal Website

Don’t build your own website. You’re not a designer no matter how much you think you may be one. Hire a professional marketing company that will provide a good website design, and even more important, great call to action, and possibly even a funnel (more on funnels later stay tuned).  

Cost: If you are interested in a prestigious and professional designed website from a marketing company you’re looking at $5,000-$10,000 for a professionally designed website, this website should not only look good but convert your target clients into leads.

Boyce Creative achieves this for our clients by figuring out what your ideal client’s pains are and converts them into leads and eventually clients by speaking to those pains via your website or targeted ad campaigns. We find that this method converts a lot of clients for your legal practice because they take away something of value.

Your website is going to need to be a lead generating machine, which is what has been done here with this site.

Legal Website Designer

If you will also notice she has also created some very engaging videos, which rank in YouTube as well which increases her traffic and SEO.

Make sure to include testimonials of your happy clients. 

You should be checking your inbox every day and finding emails with new prospective clients wanting to retain you for your legal services every day, provided the correct marketing campaign and SEO strategy is in place you should be receiving new leads every day.

All you have to do is call them back schedule a consultation and get to work.

For bigger firms, we have even implemented an auto responder that will send them a couple emails with a clickable link to view a company calendar where they can schedule an even pay ( if not free) for a consultation.

Yes. It’s really that easy.

There are some key features that go into what makes a good website design and what makes them convert, but we will leave that for another post.

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5. Leverage Facebook Advertising.

Outsourcing Facebook advertising is something you need to do.  Boosting your page for likes is fine and all, but you really need professionally ads designed to speak to the pains of your ideal client, and get them to take action wheater that is filling out a lead form, visiting your website, or click the call button.

These ads get potential legal clients to take action whether that is filling out a lead form, visiting your website, or clicking the call button.

The expert digital marketers at Boyce Creative have created legal Facebook ads that are lead generating machines while serving those Facebook ads to your ideal target demographic of clients in order to make sure the leads are quality.

Note: There are some types of law practices that don’t do well with Facebook ads and criminal defense is one of them because we can’t target certain behaviors on Facebook ( like if you just got arrested)  however for branding if your budget is big enough, Facebook ads are fine for that.

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You also should have a professional cover photo and profile picture if you want a professional cover photo template like the one in the picture below click here.

6. Start a Google Adwords Campaign

The same principle applies to Facebook only with google your audience isn’t passive. When you advertise for “Criminal Defense New Orleans” you can be pretty darn sure that the person looking for that key search term in google is needing your service. Google Adwords is a great way to get immediate traffic to your website. Your AdWords manager will be able to track conversion on your website to see which ads are getting your the best conversion results.

As you can see what shows up on google are ad’s this is what the user see’s before the map section. It’s also a good idea to hire an SEO company to get you placed in the map section. While this takes a while 3-6 months to accomplish you still need to be running paid ads. Even if you are number 1 in the organic search results.

7. Start an SEO Campaign

You may wonder what the heck is SEO, well we have a video here to explain it to you real quick and long story short.

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Send the guide to your web developer or try and some of the on page SEO yourself.

Note: If you are in a large market like a major city you will need the help of a SEO company.

More on SEO

Basically, there is an organic search results section in google and bing.

These organic results are essentially free traffic to your website, and if your website is a conversion machine, you can be sure that means free leads.

Now you may have to pay a company to get you there and keep your there but after that flat rate fee that the SEO company charges, it’s unlimited leads.

On average after 6 months of SEO, leads tend to costs about 1/6th the amount they would cost by running paid ads on facebook and google Adwords.

Here is a picture of one of our criminal defense attorney clients ranking on page one. TWICE!!! this is where you want to be. 

Criminal defense attorney SEO

Noticed We Ranked Her In the Maps and Organic section.

8. Give Away A Free E-book

Giving away a free e book is one of the best ways to get traffic. I gave away a free e book  earlier on in this post  “The Beginners Guide To Facebook Advertising” 

By giving away a free ebook you accomplish a few things.

  1.  You’re an expert in your industry because you have written a book.
  2. You gave them something for free and people genuinely appreciate that.
  3. Now know their email address and can follow up with them.

Getting people to download your e-book on your site is rather easy, creating targeted un intrusive pop-ups are one way, or writing blog posts and including a link to a lead page, or funnel pages to claim the free download in exchange for an email address.

Here is an example of a great e book funnel.

After you give them the free e-book you can create a sequence of automated emails that engage your client to schedule a consultation or you can send them to a targeted landing page asking them to request a consultation, where you collect more information.


I really hope this post has helped you and you have decided to take action and start marketing your legal practice more effectively. We would love to hear from you and maybe help you in the process so leave your questions in the comments below and let us know how we did.

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