Best 6 Ways To Market Your Lawn Care or Landscaping Business Online

The Best 6 Ways To Market Your Lawn Care or Landscaping Business Online

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I’ve been doing digital marketing for service industry related businesses for over 3 years online. I’ve done extensive amounts of research to figure out what works for the lawn care and landscaping industries.

Let’s get down to it: I’m going to take my 3 years of hard work, dedication, and even some mistakes and combine it into something you can read in less than 10 minutes and start implementing right away.

I learned everything I know by testing the strategies over and over again. I’ve made all the mistakes early on so you don’t have to.

Use these strategies as a free guide to skyrocket and scale your lawn care or landscaping business.

5 Of The Best Ways To Market Your Lawn Care or Landscaping company.

Spend Money = Make Money ( that’s the golden rule)  Door hangers and knocking on doors is so 2009. It’s still effective and works but let’s look at some other avenues, the ones that really work and work well.

Are you currently trying to get more clients but can’t seem to figure out how companies in your area are kicking your grass. See what I did there.

If you complete this article and implement all the easy to learn strategies I’m going to tell you, you will be well on your way to making tons of green.  Did it again.


1. Don’t Be The Best, Sell Value

All too often we see advertisements from lawn care companies that display the services they offer. And don’t touch on what actually benefits the customer.  Everyone in the industry offers the same service on paper. So it really all comes down to value.  You need to sound like a car commercial.

Here is whats not to do on your website, flyer or billboard. 

Bobs Green Lawns

  • Mulching
  • Weeding
  • Mowing
  • Treatments

Call 555-867-5309



Here is what you should do. 

Bobs Green Lawns

Making Your Neighbors Jealous Since 1999

  • Trusted And Reliable 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ( or slam an Angies List approved seal on it if you are)
  • Healthy Lawns…Start Today.
  • We Know You Have Better Things To Do

If you push on the pain points instead of just listing your services you will catch the readers attention and connect with them on another level.

Do this in everything you do. Your flyers, your website, your trucks. Embed this principal in your whole company.

2. Get A Fly Looking Website

While print marketing still works… and you can download some amazing brochure and flyer templates here this post is more focused on the digital marketing aspect. Now as far as design goes you want to follow pretty much the same principals. But on your print brochure, maybe on the back put a list of your services.

Don’t build your own website. You may be able to make a site look good with a builder. But even if your new lawn care or landscaping website turns out beautiful, you will miss out on some key things you need to be a success.  Pay for a good website. you’re looking at 2500-5,000 for a good one, but if that’s where most of your business is going to come from just grab the credit card and don’t look back.

Your website is going to be a lead generating machine. You are going to check your inbox every day and find new people wanting your services. All you have to do is call them back and get to work. Yes. It’s really that easy.

There are some things that go into what makes a good website design and what makes them convert, but we will leave that for another post.





3. Leverage Facebook Advertising.


Outsourcing Facebook advertising is something you need to do.  Expert digital marketers can turn that new website into a cash generating machine, provided the website is actually designed correctly and converts traffic when you sent it there.

If your website really sucks and you’re not about changing it. Most Facebook marketers can create a landing page and automated funnel.

I know whats a landing page and automated funnel.  So a landing page is a page that you send someone to when they are looking for a specific service. Let’s go with lawn treatment.

Here is an example of a good landing page.

You don’t have to sell your service directly on your landing page but if it works why not.

If you don’t want to sell your service on your landing page then give away a free pdf download with the title like 3 Secrets to Greener Grass. Anyone that fills out this form and give you their email and phone number are a lead.

Here is how it gets interesting, We can use Facebook to target these landing pages to people who will respond well to the ad.  Facebook lets us target things like  Age>>>Sex>>>Income>>>Net Worth>>> Fist Time Home Buyer>>>Makes Online Purchases. and about 97 other different factors.  Basically, if the advertising company knows how to use Facebook ads properly you don’t have to worry about a thing.  Just figure out how you’re going to buy all those new trucks to service your huge client list.


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4. Leverage Google Adwords

The same principle applies to facebook only with google your audience isn’t passive. When you advertise for “stump removal Atlanta” you can be pretty darn sure that the person looking for that key search term in google is needing your service. 


As you can see what shows up on google are ad’s this is what the user see’s before the map section. It’s also a good idea to hire a SEO company to get you placed in the map section. While this takes a while 3-6 months to accomplish you still need to be running paid ads. Even if you are number 1 in the organic search results.


5. Do SEO

You may wonder what the hell is SEO, well we have a video here to explain it to you real quick and long story short.



Get The Dirty Little Secretes To SEO Guide Here

Send the guide to your web developer or try and some some of the on page SEO yourself.

Note: If you are in a large market like a major city you will need the help of a SEO company.

More on SEO

Basically, there is an organic search results section in google and bing.

These organic results are essentially free traffic to your website, and if your website is a conversion machine, you can be sure that means free leads.

Now you may have to pay a company to get you there and keep your there but after that flat rate fee that the SEO company charges, it’s unlimited leads.

On average after 6 months of SEO, leads tend to costs about 1/6th the amount they would cost by running paid ads on facebook and google Adwords.

6. Create A Funnel –

Sending paid ad traffic to a funnel can be great for conversions if your funnel is properly set up.  If you don’t know what a funnel is just I’m about to tell you.

LOOK: A funnel is a landing page with 1 call to action It usually starts with collecting some client information, this could be as little as an email address. After that, the funnel could go to a sales page or just stop there.

When you collect the customer data you have to provide something of value for landscapers we have created a great funnel system for you to use. Here is a picture of the funnel and how it works. You will notice the name is generic on the funnel because it’s branded.

Here is an example of a funnel. By the way, I Customise and sell this funnel contact me for more details.

Funnel Landing Page

Funnel Thank You Page

That’s all folks, it’s that simple send traffic to this page for people who would be interested in this service and you are done. The leads just start pouring in you will get email notifications of the leads information and then you can be sure you have a sale just call and collect the credit card number and address.

This offer can be totally customized and tailored to your business.

Make sure to contact me if you are interested in implementing funnels in your business today.

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Get Exclusive Traffic Converting Tips I Only Give My Subscribers
Learn how to get more converting traffic to your website with exclusive tips and insights that we only share with our private newsletter subscribers.
We respect your privacy, and promise not to spam you sell your information or any dumb crap like that.





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