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Are you the one i have been looking for

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After a week off, we join the show waiting to see if there are 3 or 8 beams from Matchup Ceremony Danny and Kai plus Jenna and Paige.

Are You the One? - Wikipedia

That means ten housemates are in perfect matches, and six are not. The bad news for the six: And none of those are Justin and Max. The eliminated couplings: Max looked pretty devastated in the confessional, which was a tell. Danny really upset in real-time.

Justin is ready to cut this off. Doesn't feel like this is going to be a couple that resumes after the. Justin wants to find his perfect match, but Max isn't ready to move on from his first boyfriend.

Danny and Kai seem pretty encouraged about their opportunity to figure out why they are a gave match.

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Hi Danny! The first segment before the commercial break was definitely tough - and looks like Terrence J is bringing a different tone for the challenge. The couples have wre match answers to questions. For the challenge, the six picked: Amber - Max People feel good about Justin and Kari - they're pretty well aligned and the top couple to send into the Truth Booth.

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Truth Booth 9 The house picks Amber and Max, mostly out of wanting to give Max a great opportunity. Amber doesn't seem happy about it, but she's going with it. Justin isn't happy either, mostly because he wants Amber! No match means 7 combinations remain.

Are you the one i have been looking for Search Real Dating

And instead of making Max happier, his sadness compounds. Kari and Max talking about are you the one i have been looking for and they're on the same wavelength. Looks like the house is centering on matchup 5. However, it sounds like Justin may not be on board for this Either way, there would be 3 possible sets of lights - 5, 6, and 8 ahve with a very high probability of not knowing the matches going into the final matchup ceremony if they don't win.

Danny says he and Tje went with a "take your son to work day" theme! Here are the possibilities remaining which each set of beams: Justin's hype is corny like Russell Wilson.

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And without a successful Truth Booth or even with a successful Kari and Max onethey'll go into the finale not knowing the right answer. Posted by Alex at Email This BlogThis! Another late episode. Is tonight the end or do they keep going? Ar and Justin.

Danny and Kai. I'm tired Miss Jello and Miss Hello, fortunetellers.

Some new angles in this episode The challenge is assembling an Ikea nightstand, with one person assembling and the other person talking through the instructions. Basit and Justin are forcibly paired together by Terrence J? Leaving Amber to go off with Max. And no chance at the Basit-Jonathan or Justin-Max date?

The date winners are Amber - Max They win a helicopter ride to the Kohala Valley! Imagine Dragons and helicopters around the coast. Pretty cool.

Amber and Max both make their ate all about Justin. Paige unloading her baggage with Remy I think she meant sun shower? They've been setting this up Kari starts flipping out about the house losing. Is this a pep talk?

(It's likely they did this because, as anyone who's been doing the math All you really had to do was look back at the pairs from the week 1. 10 things you didn't know about MTV's 'Are You the One?' The letter "P" styled to look like a thumbtack pin. In the past, the perfect matches had consisted of male-female pairings. . and gender identities, you're gonna have a really interesting show," one contestant from this season, Danny, told MTV. Want to Know How 'Are You the One?' his blog back in to coincide with the very first season of AYTO?, has been following the hit reality.

A call for strategy? Danny starts touting going through the process systematically Jasmine and Nour too and they are suddenly acting cool.

There are two of your matches that jou each other in this episode Justin has him and Max atwhich is Are they using the spatula as a microphone? It sure seems like they're going to try to run Justin and Max out. Jasmine and Nour went from at each others' throats to drinking wide on the beach. Danny coming on strong with the empathy right. Justin and Max seem both really stressed. Do they know they can couple lookihg outside of the game?

Have they seen previous seasons? Aside, it doesn't feel like there's a couple this season planning to pair up against the matchmakers' choice after the season are you the one i have been looking for over, how to impress girl without talking there 40 hot moms been in other seasons.

Chubby mums Maximum number of lights: Total with Jasmine and Nour. Terrence J sees a yoou politician.

It's the instant win situation. Danny is correct in that if they see more than 3 beams, Justin and Max are a perfect match.

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Not only that One minute left. Bad been, Jax stans! The only hope is that the preview is a fakeout and the whole next episode lookung a reunion episode.

Mondays at Let's hope to get some momentum Danny captures the dynamic of this season, where everyone is chasing someone else Remy loves that Paige is playing hard to. Kari is interested in Remy The AYTO party is the producers' easiest way to instigate things in the house Max is frustrated with Justin doing what he wants, men seeking men brisbane Nour frustrated with Kai doing what he wants.

The Nour-Jasmine fight escalates and now the crew steps in. Hard to imagine they'll figure out they're a match It's Paige escalating the fight?? Danny and Remy reacting to. Justin is trying lookong get a little something from everyone in the house during this party, starting with Amber and also Kari.

Nour is done with Kai.

Kai has bounced around the whole house, looking for love from. This party doesn't feel great for his mental health. It's the morning. Paige and Remy finally start to hit it off. Basit levels with Kai.

Jonathan has totally flipped from the first half of the season. Now he's very caring with Basit. This feels as much of a honeymoon as we've seen in the series - maybe that's why the hae told us they were a perfect match?

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This episode has had more cuts than any other episode