5 Mistakes 99% Of Fishing Guides Make With Their Website

5 Mistakes 99% of Fishing Guides Make With Their Websites.

Struggling To Keep The Books Full In The Off Season?

Today we are going to go over the top 5 mistakes 99% of fishing guides make with their websites. Fishing guide marketing isn’t hard and some of these mistakes are pretty obvious, others will make sense as you read them, I can be absolutely sure of one thing. If you are making any of these mistakes right now and you fix them you will see an improvement in website conversions.

Some of these mistakes are pretty obvious, others will make sense as you read them.I can be absolutely sure of 1 thing. If you are making any of these mistakes right now and you fix them you will see an improvement in website conversions.

I can be absolutely sure of 1 thing. If you are making any of these mistakes right now and you fix them, you will see an improvement in website conversions and or traffic.

I created this post for fishing guides so they can implement the things I mention below and can go on about their life not having to worry about staying booked.

1.You Don’t Have Good Call To Action

If there is one thing see on most guide websites it’s that there is no way to easily book a charter.  No matter how many different charters you have you need to have a minimum of a book now button above the fold ( this is the section that you see when you come to the website on desktop or mobile without scrolling) If you go to the home page of my this website you will see a hire us button. If you click it there is a form you can fill out.  (by the way, if you don’t want to fix any of these mistakes yourself on your website you can always click the hire now button and we will provide yours with a quote. )

2. You Don’t’ Have A Funnel

Typically the sites we set up for our clients with landing pages that look like this. This page was built with click funnels and I also am giving the template to build it away here for free. Click funnels cost me $99 a month to have a subscription, but it’s well worth it. I just send paid ad traffic to the pages and it converts like a dream. The reason it converts so well is that the user doesn’t have anything else to do other than fill out the form, they can’t wander off and look at pictures and read trip reports, they basically don’t have the time to think. This creates an impulse buy so to speak.

As a Free Gift For Reading My Blog, I’m going to give you this $297, funnel for free. Yes, you do need a click funnels membership but it’s well worth it. You can just sign up load the funnel and start customizing. And If you have any problems with the funnel just leave a message in the comments and I’ll be sure to help you out.

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No Matter if you’re building a click funnel or a website make sure you follow one rule.  Keep the call to action above the fold. The fold is the part where the screen cuts off and you have to start scrolling. We used heat mapping software and split tested conversion rate of a website with the call to action over the fold, and also with the call to action below the fold.

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The results were SHOCKING! 

We Experienced at 17% improvement in conversions with the call to action button above the fold. Now you may balk at 17% but if you make $100,000 a year from your website $17,000 is a lot of money for one single person. 

We also experienced higher email news letter sign ups by embedding a signup form in the middle of the post as opposed to the end of a post. We attribute this to attention span and trust.

At the beginning of the blog post, the visitor did not trust the website, when a visitor gets halfway down a 1,000-word article you can best believe that they like your content. But as with everyone 90% of blog posts only get read 60%  Make sure you stick your email newsletter signup in the middle of your post when your reader trusts you and before they leave.


3. You Don’t Post Often

Posting content on your website and sharing it on other sites drives traffic to your site. Make sure you are updating your blog posts regularly. A monthly fishing report should be posted, as well as maybe 1 trip report a week.

Pumping out content like this makes you look active, and it also makes you look good in the all mighty eyes of google.

5. Google Maps/Google My Business

If you haven’t verified your business with google my business you’re not going to have any chance what so ever in ranking in the “3-pack” Which is the maps section right below the paid ads. The map listings are the number one thing clicked on google so trying to get ranked there is really important.  If you are really trying to boost your maps presence quickly hire a Search Engine Optimisation company to do a local SEO campaign for you. This should increase your traffic.

Remeber to do these in the order I have told you. There is no sense trying to get traffic to an outdated site that isn’t going to convert any of the traffic you’re are sending it.

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