How I closed a client in 12 hours and Made Him Love Me

How I Generated t 152% Increase in Sales and Even Ran A 987% ROI Facebook Ad Campaign With

Facebook, Shopify, And Click Funnels

So I’m about to take you through the long process of what a client experience is with our agency and the results.

Here is the end result of what I’ve been able to accomplish for Crescent City Conjure in the past month and a half.  These numbers are compared to the previous 35 Days I didn’t run ads on all these days had I the results would have been much higher.

Taking on a client can be a tough job, especially if the client struggles to understand how much of a niche market they can reach with social media.

As an agency owner, I find that finding businesses that already have a following is easier than growing a new business.

To all you agency owners out there. I will say this again. It’s a lot shorter road if the client is already making money. There are almost always ways to make your new client immediate cash and prove your worth whatever you are charging.

This is my client’s story, and some photos Included. Are my story of the last 45 days and how I have grown this mans very small business into one that is starting to produce results

This is not my biggest client, most profitable campaign, or my biggest, it’s simply a client that is so pleased he doesn’t mind sharing his client experience working with me.

One morning I was relaxing at my pool, I live in a multiplex so the other tenants have people over on the weekend. I met a man by the name of Sen Elias – This is his online name and I’m going to use that to protect his identity since he goes by Sen Elias online, keep reading, you will understand it in a minute.

I spoke with Sen and we got to talking, he asked me what I do and I told him I help companies make money online and he said I might need your services. A few moments past and I asked Sen what kind of business he ran, and he told me. He said he makes about $5,000 a month some online, and some e-commerce.  He proceeded to tell me he had 20,000 followers on Facebook, and around 500 email addresses.

I asked him if he had ever emailed any of his following and he told me no. So I decided to run an email test, this allowed me to do two things. It allowed me to figure out if his audience is responsive to his advertising via email. It also allowed me to show him how important email is.

We all know there’s no better time than the present, so I took Sen right up to my home office, sat him down and we got started.

I extracted his email address into two segments. People that have signed up for his newsletter into one segment, and people who had actually made a purchase into another segment.

Below is are the two email segments we created.

Note: the copy is the 30% off sale









We sent two email blasts and these are the results pretty straight across the board.

We did send two coupons 25% off everything for people that have purchased products, and 30% of everything for newsletter subscribers.

Here is one of the two emails we sent below. The second email only offers a different coupon code and a different discount.


And here are the results. For Sept 16th when we send the emails.



The next morning I get a phone call at 9:00 AM.

Obviously, I don’t answer I stay up all night working on campaigns and managing the day to day tasks. I returned his call at 2 in the afternoon. And the first words I have heard were where do we go from here.

I took some things into consideration. How much could this guy really be making, 5K a month isn’t’ the best. Since I knew we were generating an average of $1 per email on the list, I knew I could just pay my fee via 4 email blasts and still leave him with some profit, but the email was only a test to gauge the audience

Our next test worked out rather well. We decided we wanted to own the traffic, our goal over time is to get all 20k Facebook followers onto his email list. Or at least 20k like-minded followers.  So what we will be doing over the next few months is building an email list, and at the same time running email sales and facebook ads.

Depending on the situation I’m dealing with I will implement certain software to get the job done.  I integrated clickfunnels in order to create a landing page that captures emails. We went one step further and gave them a $5 gift card toward the store to get some sales while we were at it.


You can download this template here along with a free 2 week trial to the software, I suggest you join my secret facebook group after. This is a group where we share ideas critique each other’s funnels, and can request assistance from a community of people who are serious about really making money online.


These are the results of this funnel so far. Remember we put this in place to grab emails and get the customer to shop online with their free $5 gift code good for $5 off with no purchase minimum.

Below is a picture and if you look under the settings menu icon you will see we have collected 301 emails.

So how did we do it, we simply ran this facebook ad to his audience and sent them to the funnel pictured above.

Below is the exact facebook ad.

If you will notice we had 591 click clicks and 301 email signups.  We know own 301 people that are free to market to whenever we please.

We paid less than $1 for an email. And here is what it did for the store as well.

Although the results were are not shocking as pictured below we did make our ad spend back the next day and over the last month this post and it’s coupon code: getyourcounjureon has generated enough to pay for the products and the emails that were generated


Here is a record of the sales to date the coupon code: getyourconjureon has done $592.28 in the last 30 days. To keep it perfectly honest, we have attached this to a few videos but since they don’t get much traffic I can only assume it’s directly from Social Media Marketing.









Here is the last and final ad we have run so far for Crescent City Conjure

We have found the results below where achieved best when running a campaign by boosting a post directly from your Facebook business page to your followers.  In this post we used the coupon code condition and implied the sale ended at midnight, however, we got a ton of sales using the coupon, and a few customers that just bought 1 of these.







The coupon code was used a few more times but I can’t segment it by time, So out $138 in facebook advertisement brought almost a 1,000% ROI and if you include the few people that email and called him to do tarot card readings from them at $75/hour I’m sure we would be right at 1000%

If you need a social media marketing company that offers the full package solution, please contact us so we can see we are a good fit for your business.

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